Human Pleasure radio 3rd December 2018….I’m keeping the smaller ones on the bottom.

A radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

Product KF – B side [Product KF CS]
Gum Takes Tooth – Borrowed Lies [single]
Black Doldrums – People’s Temple [Sad Paradise LP]
Papercuts – Waking Up [Parallel Universe Blues LP]
Hairband – Flying [Hairband LP]
Rat Columns – Sometimes We’re Friends [Sometimes We’re Friends 7″]
Firefriend – Yellow Spider [Yellow Spider LP]
Holiday Ghosts – Booksmart [West Bay Playroom LP]
Housewives – Speak to Me [single]
Little Desert – Happy [Single]
Velvet Monkeys – True Believers [Split Single]
Elf Power – Honey [Split Single]
The Gotobeds – No Present [Split Single]
Honey Radar – English Costume (Rainbird)_Notes From The Cornell Forestry Club [Split Single]
Washer – Super Pop [Split 7″]
Bethlehem Steel – Fake Sweater [Split 7″]
Silverbacks – Just In The Band [single]
CAKES – Public Fish [single]
Florry – Kanagawa [Brown Bunny CS]
Insomnicide – In The Pines [Live At Format LP]
Zac White – Sirhan Sirhan [Perfect Body/Zac White Split EP]
Velvet Elevator – Children of the Sun I [Principium LP]
Native Sun – Hippie Speedball [Always Different, Always the Same LP]
Eyedress – No Love In The City [Sensitive G LP]

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