Human Pleasure radio 3rd February 2020….the flight is about to take off.

A DIY radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

Gang Of Four – Natural’s Not In It [Entertainment! LP]
Prolapse – Love Like Anthrax [When Space Invaders Were Big 7″]
Cowboy Flying Saucer – Space Town Lovers (Live) [Live in Leyton LP]
Claire Birchall – Dead Air [single LP]
Follow Me Not – When Winter’s Gone [Vanishing Smile LP]
Pinocchio – Behind You [S​/​T EP]
The Currawongs – Having Fun Harms No One [single]
Floodlights – Small Town Pub [Backyard LP]
Pod Blotz – Pain is a Door [Transdimensional System LP]
Piresian Beach – A Dirty Shame [What Ever Happened LP]
Canshaker Pi – Glass [Okay Decay LP]
2 Stroke – Coward [Crisis, Crisis single]
L.U.S.T. – L.U.S.T. [Life Under Systemic Terror LP]
Human Rites – Varanasi Drivers [Birth LP]
Alien Nosejob – Pass The Buck [Suddenly Everything Is Twice As Loud LP]
Big Baby – It’s Funny [Fizzy Cola EP]
Overtime – Malcolm [Overtime LP]
The Suncharms – Jet Plane [F​.​A​.​R. Out (A Sunshine/Psychpop Compilation) LP]
Pia Fraus – You’re Not In Love [Empty Parks LP]
East Village – Kathleen [Hotrod Hotel / Singles Collection LP]
Ostraaly – Kants [Misery Guests LP]
Pale Saints – Sight Of You [The Comforts Of Madness 30th Anniversary Re:Masters LP]
SEASURFER – Lovers Breakdown [single]
Gomme – Floss [Absent Healing LP]
Holy Fuck – Movement [Deleter LP]
Sore Eros – Dharma [Sore Eros LP]
Squirrel Flower – Slapback [I Was Born Swimming LP]

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