Human Pleasure radio 3rd July 2017….feel like you’ve lost your guiding light?

A radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

..on with the show playlist

Hey Colossus – In A Collision [The Guillotine LP]
Lød – Så Blå [Folder EP]
Usa Nails – What Is The Price ? [Shame Spiral LP]
Gold Dime – Hindsight [Nerves LP]
The Containers – The Options [Self-Contained LP]
The Babe Rainbow – Sunflower Sutra [The Babe Rainbow LP]
Hamjam – Lean [a​/​s​/​l? LP]
Palehound – Carnations [A Place I’ll Always Go LP]
Wolf Shield – No More [Residuum LP]
Gold Class – Twist In The Dark [Drum LP]
Weed – Favourite Hate [Born Wrong Love LP]
Mark Wynn – I Am John [More Singles – But They’re Not Really Singles I Just Sent Them To The Screen And Said They Were Singles LP]
Just Everywhere – Neverthere [Silk Of Stars LP]
Rotten Blossom – Right On [Get Lict EP]
Weirds – Valley Of Vision [Swarmculture LP]
The Stevenson Ranch Davidians – Hard Livin’ [Amerikana LP]
Pink Frost – New Minds [New Minds LP]
The Sinking Feeling – Standard [One EP]
Suspirians – Nocturne [Ti Bon Ange LP]
The Pink Tiles – For The Road [#1 Fan LP]
Florence Raynaud – Singes [Florence Raynaud 7″]
Agent Blå – Frustrerad [Agent Blå LP]
Pregnancy – Avoid [Urgency LP]
Workhorse – Defeat [Workhorse LP]
Triptides – Throne Of Stars [Afterglow LP]
The Popguns – A Beaten Up Guitar [Sugar Kisses LP]
Schonwald – Austral [Night Idyll LP]
B Boys – Fear It [Dada LP]

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