Human Pleasure radio 4th June 2018….I just wanna like you.

A radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

Sarah Mary Chadwick – It’s Never OK [Sugar Still Melts In The Rain LP]
Iceage – Catch It [Beyondless LP]
The Left Outsides – Naming Shadows Was Your Existence [All That Remains LP]
NQR – The Garden [The Garden EP]
Monumentals – Celestial Pangs [Irregular Heads LP]
Saturday Night – Fish in the Pond [Saturday Night LP]
Echo Ladies – Almost Happy [Pink Noise LP]
Second Still – Altar [Equals EP]
Die Nerven – Skandinavisches Design [Fake LP]
Dog Chocolate – Animals Don’t Give A Shit About Your Art [Moody Balloon Baby LP]
LOOBS – Don’t Wanna See You Anymore [Bubblewrap LP]
Wire – Too Late (Fourth Demo Sessions) [Chairs Missing LP]
VNLVX – Dirty Water [Is Unlux LP]
Arndales – Half Thrash [Shops LP]
Fan – Velour [Barton’s Den LP]
Ice Baths – Naked Reflection [Ice Baths LP]
VOWWS – Inside Out [Under the World LP]
Rat Scabies – Dazy Bones [P.H.D. (Prison, Hospital, Debt) LP]
Landing – Wait Or Hide [Bells In New Towns LP]
Cosmic Thoughts – Living Wage [Work Night Out LP]
Ruby Karinto – No Manchester [Ruby Karinto LP]
Threat Meet Protocol – He Saw His Shadow [Where Did You Put My Marbles LP]
Bodies On Everest – Suspicious Canoe [A National Day Of Mourning LP]
The Common Cold – Tapped [Shut Up! Yo Liberals! LP]
Cold Meat – Love In A Void [Ubik / Cold Meat Split 7″]
Nectar – Happy [Knocking at the Door LP]

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