Human Pleasure radio 5th June 2017….you’ve done a really nice job

A radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

..on with the show playlist

Cattle – Within Your Reach [Slow Sailor LP]
Dream Joints – Rabbits [Just Like Medicine LP]
Shelling – Seaside Bed [Waiting For Mint Shower!! LP]
Somewhere – Deep Ocean [Sadness EP]
Oeil – Born Again [Asian Shoegaze Compilation Vol. 1 LP]
Jabu – Fool If [Sleep Heavy LP]
Deerful – Conceptual Art [Peach LP]
Cable Ties – Wasted Time [Cable Ties LP]
Muertos – Spin [Single]
Rips – Delay [Rips LP]
Grieving – Brian Emo [Single]
Rotten Blossom – Hypocrite [Get Lict EP]
Flemmings – Fellow Humans [Heads And Tails EP]
Young Guv – Traumatic [Traumatic 7″
The Popguns – So Long [So Long single]
Beach Fossils – Social Jetlag [Somersault LP]
Cigarettes After Sex – Apocalypse [Cigarettes After Sex LP]
Eyelids – Ghost Ghost Ghost [Or LP]
The Sticks – Come Back [Why Bother LP]
Crayola Summer – Emerson Sandstorm [I Know Who We Are LP]
Dancehall – Virgin [Virgin single]
Shit Girlfriend – I Don’t Wanna Die [Mummy’s Boy / I Don’t Wanna Die single]
The Stammer – Over And Over [single]
Metal Disco – Decay Crisis [Devil Explicit EP]
Moon Diagrams – End Of Heartache [Lifetime Of Love LP]
Embedded Figures – Teen Vamp [Le Tre Arterie EP]
Kite Base – Nineteen [Latent Whispers LP]
Cristobal And The Sea – Goat Flokk [Exitoca LP]
Roya – End Times [Roya LP]

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