Human Pleasure radio 6th August 2018….this is heaven.

A radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

The Hex Waves – The Wait [Canine Rising CS]
Threat Meet Protocol – Jeffrey Dharmer and Greg [Where Did You Put My Marbles LP]
Young Widows – Long Live The New Weight [Decayed: Ten Years Of Cities, Wounds, Lightness, And Pain LP]
Social Station – Try (Red this Ever Remix) [Try (Cross My Heart) EP]
Boyracer – Jesus Suzanne Christ [Fling Yr Bonnet Over The Windmill LP]
Tape Waves – Changing View [Distant Light LP]
Echo Ladies – Darklands [Pink Noise LP]
Rose Mercie – The End of Love [Rose Mercie LP]
The Death Notes – Evolver [The Black EP LP]
Lithics – When Will I Die [Mating Surfaces LP]
Kommissars – Something [Something Pale single]
Tinsel Heart – Mona’s Eyes [Indietracks Compilation 2018 LP]
Whitelands – Nicotine [Indietracks Compilation 2018 LP]
The Yellow Melodies – Life [Indietracks Compilation 2018 LP]
Sugar Rush! – Seen, No Reply [Indietracks Compilation 2018 LP]
Melody’s Echo Chamber – Breathe In, Breathe Out [Bon Voyage LP]
Mere Women – Skin [Skin spit single]
Virginia Wing – A Sister [Ecstatic Arrow LP]
SDH – She Uncovers Before Me [Semiotics Department Of Heteronyms LP]
Decisions – Gatekeeper [Trapped (The Weight Of The World Leaves A Broken Back) EP]
The Stroppies – Maddest Moments Maddest Moments 7″]
DEN – Into The Ether [Deep Cell LP]
The Heads – Filler [rkt! LP]
Nylex – Forces [Nylex CS]
Pllush – Ortega [Stranger to the Pain P]
Jetstream Pony – Self-Destruct Reality [Self-Destruct Reality EP]

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