Human Pleasure radio 7th August 2017….she was there, but then again not.

A radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

Boy Harsher – Motion [Country Girl EP]
Coca Leaf – New Soft Down [Deep Marble Sunrise LP]
Controlled Bleeding – The Swarm Of Sweettooth (Child Bite Remix) [Carving Songs LP]
Couch Slut – Company Picnic With Dust Off [Contempt LP]
Yumi Zouma – December [single]
Cadet Kelly – Hot Model Lehigh [The Le Sigh Vol. III LP]
Milked – Oscillate [Death On Mars LP]
The Life And Times – Group Think [The Life And Times LP]
Jack Cooper – Gynn Square [Sandgrown LP]
Esther Joy – Friendless Necessity [single]
Flemmings – Fellow Humans [Heads & Tails EP]
Sam De La Rosa – I Hear The Swine [Earth Wart LP]
Psycho Comedy – The Hangman [The Hangman LP]
Seeming – Knowledge [Sol LP]
Peaness – Ugly Veg [single]
Lower Slaughter – Bone Meal [What Big Eyes LP]
Glider – Wen (Summer1991ce) [single]
Guantanamo Baywatch – The Scavenger [Desert Center LP]
Kate Moths – Read The Death Sentences [Reverse Earth After Birth LP]
Chelsea Wolfe – Vex [Hiss Spun LP]
L.A. Witch – Baby in Blue Jeans [L.A. Witch LP]
Baywitch – Widows [Hellaspawn LP]
Lomelda – Out There [Thx LP]
Suicide Generation – Set Me On Fire [1st Suicide LP]
Arrows Of Love – Parts That Make The (W)hole [PRODUCT LP]
Jesus And His Judgemental Father – My Mistake [It Might Get Better LP]
Frabin – Public Loneliness [Nope LP]
Lil Tits – Casey [The Usual LP]
Natterers – Matter Over Mind [Toxic Care EP]
Pill – Afraid Of The Mirror [Aggressive Advertising LP]
Beaches – When You’re Gone [Second Of Spring LP]
Chuck – New Yorker [Single]
Saccades – Elusive Dream [Saccades LP]
White Reaper – Highway Star [single]

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