Human Pleasure radio 7th February 2022….Let’s get through tomorrow first

A DIY radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

voka Gentle – Horse Latitudes [Writhing! LP]
Irreversible Entanglements – Open The Gates [Open The Gates LP]
Vietnam – Kidney Bingos [This Quiet Room LP]
Flatsound – We Can Act Like It’s The End Of The World [Last Minute Cycle LP]
Floating Room – Firetruck [Shima LP]
22º Halo – Storm [Garden Bed LP]
Noir Disco – Pleasure Pain [NOW! 2073 LP]
Doused – Ease [Murmur LP]
Murina – Stuff Galore [Stuff Galore single]
The Kundalini Genie – Turning Away [Half In, Half Out LP]
foxtails – Star-Crossed [Fawn LP]
Ultra Q – It’s Permanent [Get Yourself A Friend LP]
Holm – Intelligent Moves [Why Don’t You Dance LP]
The Altered Hours – Love You [Convertible LP]
BODIES – Drowned [Ghost Hoaxing. LP]
M(h)aol – Laundries [Gender Studies EP]
Home Front – Bit Of Dust [Think Of The Lie LP]
The Altered Hours – Street Sinner [Convertible LP]
A Mess – Aquarium [Woman LP]
career – Dripless Perception [Letting Out The Slack LP]
The Backlash – Rise [Rise single]
Cola – Blank Curtain [Blank Curtain LP]
Detects – Blurred [Conditions LP]
e4444e – Bushfire Story [Autumnal Eve LP]
My Disco – Stvo [Alter Schwede LP]
White Manna – We’ll Meet You in the House [First Welcome LP]
Nobody’s Flowers – Almost [Nobody’s Flowers EP]
Velvet Vega – Lost In Time [We’ll Never Get Back LP]
Swansea Sound – I Sold My Soul On Ebay [Live At The Rum Puncheon LP]
Jetstream Pony – Behind The Eyes [Misplaced Words LP]
Parker Sprout – Dark [Milk In The Sun LP]
Honeyglaze – Shadows [Honeyglaze LP]
No Girl – Bigot [Whelmed LP]
Crows – Slowly Separate [Beware Believers LP]
Naked Lungs – Database [Database single]
No Escape – Lies On Your Sleeve [Selective Punches_ A Collection of Ballads & Battle Hymns LP]

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