Human Pleasure radio 7th October 2019….it’s messed you up!

A radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

Swans – It’s Coming It’s Real [leaving meaning LP]
Black Marble – Feels [Bigger Than life LP]
Kraków Loves Adana – Follow The Voice [Single]
Kal Marks – Kimmy [Let The Shit House Burn Down LP]
Lunch Lady – Young Bride [Angel LP]
Soft Cases – Alright [Split with Ice Baths EP]
Girls In Synthesis – Arterial Movements [Single]
Mick Trouble – Glad I’m Not Me [flexi 7″]
The Coolies – Uh Oh! [Uh Oh! It’s…The Coolies EP]
After London – You Know What I Mean [Single]
LAWMAN – Behave [Single]
Joy Cleaner – Pink Lite [Single]
HOVVDY – So Brite [Heavy Lifter LP]
Barrie – Drag [Happy To Be Here (Ext) EP]
Lewsberg – Cold Light of Day [Single]
Siamese Twins – Listless [Single]
The New Art School – I’m so beautiful [Single]
Soot Sprite – Vs. Self [Sharp Tongue LP]
Catholic Action – One Of Us [Celebrated by Strangers LP]
Newmoon – In Harmony [Nothing Hurts Forever LP]
Olivia’s World – Cereal Boxes [Olivia’s World EP]
Fitted – Legend Of Lydmar Lucia [First Fits LP]
The Electric Arch – Postcard to Celeste [Out of Range LP]
Program – Memory [Show Me LP]
The Lloyd Pack – Yellow & Green [On Holiday With… LP]
Romantic States – Real Real Blonde [Ballerina LP]
Searing Arrow – Faking an Illness [Paranoid Fiction LP]
¡Que Asco! – Sharkipelago [Reaper LP]
Thigh Master – Pity Run [Now For Example LP]

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