Human Pleasure radio 8th January 2018….in so deep, there’s no way out.

A radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

Filthy Huns – Class War [Forever Beast CS]
Hookworms – Negative Space [Microshift LP]
Job Sifre – Bestaan [Bestaan EP]
Superorganism – Everybody Wants To Be Famous [Superorganism LP]
Profligate – A Circle [Somewhere Else LP]
Charles Howl – Meet Lou’s Needs [My Idol Family LP]
Schlomi Bagdadi – Child Cough [Child Cough single]
Porches – Country [The House LP]
Spiny Normen – Arrowhead [Spiny Normen LP]
Sufis – All Knowing (71) [After Hours LP]
Bummerville – Time That It Takes [Botton Feeder LP]
Helicon – The Bold Yin [VA – Reverb Conspiracy]
Sorry – Lies [single]
Easy – I Can Tell You Why [A Heartbeat from Eternity LP]
Messanine Swimmers – Louis Warship [Black Hat In Heat CS]
A Lilac Decline – A Fine Day At Last [The Mountain Rages EP]
Lowlife – White Lighting [Leaders EP]
Honey – Hungry [New Moody Judy LP]
Des Demonas – The South Will Never Rise Again [Des Demonas LP]
Alien Trilogy – Big Clicks [Snake Trader CS]
Water World – Year [More Colour LP]
Dream Giant – Tune In [A Different Light LP]
The Heartwood Institute – From The Forest, From The Furrows, From The Fields [Secret Rites LP]
L.A. Law – Delphi [Law & Order LP]
Yeah You – Feet (she is not listening) [Vhod CS]

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