Human Pleasure radio 8th March 2021…..I thought I had deleted it!

A DIY radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

Negative Nancies – Heatwave [Heatwave LP]
Opposite Sex – Dinosaur [High Drama LP]
Live Skull – In A Perfect World [Dangerous Visions LP]
Iceage – Vendetta [Seek Shelter LP]
The Cavemen – Am I A Monster [Am I A Monster 7″]
Årabrot – Kinks of the Heart [Norwegian Gothic LP]
Dark Tea – Highway Mile [Dark Tea LP]
Band Aparte – Forms [Everyone, Everywhere LP]
Henrik Appel – Wake Me Up [Humanity LP]
Sara Renberg – Will You Still Want Me [Butch Spring LP]
Lande Hekt – Whiskey [Going to Hell LP]
Art d’Ecco – TV God [In Standard Definition LP]
Babyteeth – Poser [Poser EP]
Dom & The Wizards – Outlaws and the Cops [The Australian Cyclone Intensity Scale LP]
Paul Jacobs – Underneath the Roses [Pink Dogs on the Green Grass LP]
The Lodger – Dual Lives [Cul​-​De​-​Sac of Love LP]
Soup Activists –  I Should Have Never… [Useless Sounds LP]
ParkWalker – The Very Road [Distant Phenomena LP]
Elkyn – something [single]
Valley Maker – No One Is Missing [When The Day Leaves LP]
Madness At Home – Leech [Madness At Home LP]
Wet Specimen – The Dirt [Wet Dreamin’ LP]
Thee Oh Sees – The Fizz [Levitation Sessions LP]
Field Music – No Pressure [Flat White Moon LP]
Monochrome Lover – Scorpion [Monochrome Lover LP]
Outlaw Boogie – Those Damn Dudleys [The Circle EP]

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