Human Pleasure radio 8th May 2017….50% more music than that other lot.

A radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

..on with the show playlist

Dreamdecay – Ian [Yú LP]
Cable Ties – Say What You Mean [Cable Ties LP]
Pesk – When The Heavies Come [Single]
Monster Movie – Keep The Voices Distant [Keep The Voices Distant LP]
Business Of Dreams – Repossessed [Business Of Dreams LP]
Alex Napping – You’ve Got Me [Mise En Place LP]
Cayetana – Mesa [New Kind Of Normal LP]
Heaters – Cap Gun [Fuzz Club Session LP]
Son Lux – Stolen [Remedy EP]
French Vanilla – Carrie [French Vanilla LP]
La Neve – 8 To 8 [American Sounds LP]
(Sandy) Alex G – Bobby [Rocket LP]
Feedtime – You Don’t Mind [Gas LP]
Hawaiian T-Shirt – Chantelle [EP]
Marbled Eye – Former [EP II 7″]
Rays – Back Downtown [Rays LP]
Dude York – The Way I Feel [Sincerely LP]
Fazerdaze – Misread [Morningside LP]
Empereur – No Shelter [Everyday’s Death & Resurrection Show LP]
Field Medic – I Am Satan [If I Shout That The Revolutions In My Blind Heart Have Left Me On The Mend, Would I Still Have To Surrender To The Tides To Exorcise This Possession? single]
Acteurs – Candy Canes [Corridor LP]
Flowers Must Die – After Gong [Kompost LP]
The Stevens – Chancer [single]
Hulaboy – (It Feels Like The) The End [Hulaboy/Safe Distance Split LP]
Dream Rimmy – I Know What’s Wrong With You [Heavy EP]
Carb On Carb – Practising For Retirement [single]

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