Human Pleasure radio 6th November 2017….What’s that good for?

A radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

The Double – Dawn of the Double [single]
Astrobal – Australasie Ft. Laetitia Sadier [Memories Of Stars LP]
Misty Coast – Trash Talk Smile [Misty Coast LP]
Oh Well, Goodbye – Pushing Blood [Affinity part EP]
Pollens – Dinosaurs [Mr. Manufacture LP]
Soft Drinks – Carry On [Carry On EP]
Beverly Drangus – Fade In [single]
The Franklys – Keeper [Are You Listening?]
Pretty Lightning – This Machine Is Running [Rhythm Of Ooze LP]
The Dayoffs – I Can’t Believe I’m Dead [The Dayoffs LP]
The Veldt – Black And Blue [Thanks To The Moth And Areanna Rose LP]
Hookworms – Negative Space [single]
Egyptian Blue – Cut Me A Hole [single]
The Telescopes – The Desert In Your Heart [Stone Tape LP]
The Soft Moon – Burn [single]
Fox Face – Hiawatha [Spoil + Destroy LP]
Mod Con – Do It Right Margo [split with Far Maiden]
Fair Maiden – Coal [split with Mod Con]
Half Forward Line – One One [The Back Of Mass LP]
The Grasshopper Lies Heavy – Crocodile Tears [Split LP]
Tongue Party – Listen Fella, I’m Doin’ Ya A Favor [Tongue Party / Usa Nails Split EP]
Usa Nails – I Am The Things I Buy [Tongue Party / Usa Nails Split EP]
Plaque Marks – Oregon Chem-Trail [Anxiety Driven Nervous Worship LP]
The World – Loser [First World Record LP]
Tough Age – Everyday Life [Shame LP]
Frankie Rose – A Forest [single]

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