Human Pleasure radio 8th October 2018….and we’re back, take two.

A radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

The Oscillation – Drop [Wasted Space LP]
Epic45 – Through Broken Summer [Through Broken Summer LP]
GØGGS – Killing Time [Pre Strike Sweep LP]
Peel Dream Magazine – Fires [Modern Meta Physic LP]
Koizilla – My Name Is Stan [Lazy Hazy LP]
New War – Banana Spilt Wolves [Coin LP]
Fond Han – Squirrely [Wronked LP]
Whispering Sons – Waste [Image LP]
Richard In Your Mind – Green Lava [Super Love Brain LP]
Saturday Night – Destined to Fall [Saturday Night LP]
Metal Disco – Vade Mecum (feat. Keren Batok) [Vade Mecum LP]
Documenta – The Blue Sleep [Lady With The Ring LP]
Mothers – Beauty Routine [Render Another Ugly Method LP]
Low – Dancing And Fire [Double Negative LP]
Molly Nilsson – Days Of Dust [2020 LP]
Lonnie Holley – How Far Is Spaced-Out? [Mith LP]
The Molochs – And She’s Sleeping Now [Flowers in the Spring LP]
Motorama – Voice From The Choir [Many Nights LP]
Gregor – Silver Drop [Silver Drop LP]
Parades Against Parades – Sonic Reaction [Driving Me Stoned LP]
Drunk Mums – Hellfire [Urban Cowboy LP]
Sauna Youth – The Patio [Deaths LP]
Guy Blackman – Private Time [Here Pieces LP]
American Nudism – Negative Space [Negative Space EP]
Lonely Parade – Night Cruise [The Pits LP]
Papercuts – Sing To Me Candy [Parallel Universe Blues LP]
Guttersnipe – Loaded From Vector Trap [My Mother The Vent LP]

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