Human Pleasure radio 9th April 2018…Her husband’s a big wuss, I’ve heard.

A radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

Anthroprophh – Sod [Omegaville LP]
Mount Eerie – Now Only [Now Only LP]
Girl Sweat Pleasure Temple Ritual Band – Mantra of The Pleasure Temple [Hyper Rituals LP]
The Dwarves – Anything That Moves [Take Back the Night LP]
MIEN – Ropes [MIEN LP]
corporationpop – Ted Hughes [Meet Me By The Viaduct EP]
Coyote – U Can’t Kill Me Sorry [Wine Man Back 2 The Shop EP]
Bad Pelicans – Svrf Svrf [Best Of LP]
Castlebeat – Wasting Time [VHS LP]
Mastersystem – The Enlightenment [Dance Music LP]
Cosmic Psychos – Feeling Average [Loudmouth Soup LP]
Birdskulls – Promises [Birdskulls EP]
Echo Ladies – Nothing Ever Lasts [Echo Ladies EP]
Dreamend – Falling [Dreamend LP]
Meadow House – Eat It Up [This Should Not Be Happening LP]
VItal Idles – A Premise [Left Hand LP]
Chupa Cabra – Venice & Mars [Chupa Cabra / No Friendz Split LP]
Frankie Cosmos – Ballad of R & J [Vessel LP]
The Altered Hours – On My Tongue [On My Tongue EP]
Dog Chocolate – How Can We Destroy The Museum [Moody Balloon Baby LP]
Bloody Knives – New Machines [White Light Black Moon LP]
Girlboss – Summer Goth [Body Con EP]
Gift Wrap – Change My Mind [Losing Count LP]
Hollow Hand – Blackberry Wine [Blackberry Wine 7″]
In Tall Buildings – Beginning to Fade [Akinetic LP]
Tor Lundvall – The Void [A Dark Place LP]
Megrim – Restless [Families LP]

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