Human Pleasure radio 9th September 2019….I need you to listen up!

A radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

Death Cab For Cutie – To The Ground [The Blue EP]
Kal Marks – Science is Science [Let The Shit House Burn Down LP]
Deep Deep Water – Something in the Water [Something in the Water EP]
Gross Net – Social Nationalists [Gross Net Means Gross Net
Lust For Youth – Insignificant [Lust For Youth LP]
Matt Gimmick – Ya Don’t Want My Name [Detroit Renaissance ’79]
Frankie Cosmos – 41st [Close It Quietly LP]
Black Country New Road – Sunglasses (Edit) [single]
Basement Revolver – Wax and Digital [single]
Ezekiel Doo – Hallway Song [single)
HOVVDY – Ruin [Heavy Lifter LP]
EyeBawl – No More Bad Nights [Never Again LP]
Los Blancos – Dilyn Iesu Grist [Sbwriel Gwyn LP]
Blushing – Dream Merchants [Blushing LP]
Ex Hex – It’s Real [Its Real 7″]
Squid – Match Bet [Town Centre EP]
Dearly Beloved – Race to the Bottom [Times Square Discount LP]
Meatraffle – The Day The Earth Stood Still [Bastard Music LP]
Skull Practitioners – The Beacon [Death Buy EP]
Kraus – No Food in the House [Pudding Island LP]
Summer Flake – Hand In The Fire [Seasons Change LP]
Gaffa Tape Sandy – Headlights [Family Mammal LP]
Grow Rich – Cat Flag [Frantic Semantic EP]
Sorry Golden State – No Fright [Leaking CS]
Thigh Master – Entity [Now For Example LP]
Good Morning – Garden [Basketball Breakups LP]

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