It’s the great Human Pleasure radio end of 2012 list thing…

Well after talking about this on the show for ages I have finally got around to posting the great end of year list thing.

We may be a little radio show on the underside of a big world but it has been an honor to have been considered by the fine labels, bands and individuals that helped get the show though another year.

Best releases, in no particular order.

Allah-Las – [Allah-Las LP] 
Perfume Genius – [Put Your Back N 2 It LP]
The Cast Of Cheers – [Family LP]
Cloud Nothings – [Attack On Memory LP] 
Cold Showers – [Love And Regret LP] 
The Chrome Cranks – [Ain’t No Lies In Blood LP]
Cold Pumas – [Persistent Malaise LP]
Dignan Porch – [Nothing Bad Will Ever Happen LP] 
Sex Dream – [Sex Dream EP] 
The Sunday Reeds – [Kill This Party EP] 
Fergus & Geronimo – [Funky Was The State Of Affairs LP]
The See See – Fountanye Mountain LP] 
Liminanas – [Crystal Anis LP]
Bitch Prefect –  [Big Time LP]
Scott & Charlene’s Wedding –  [Scott & Charlene’s Wedding/Peak Twins split LP] 
Woollen Kits – [Woollen Kits LP]
Sauna Youth – [Dreamlands  LP]
Lotus Plaza – [Spooky Action At A Distance LP]
Last Remaining Pinnacle – [Visitors LP]
Strange Hands – [Dead Flowers LP]
The Magnetic Fields – [Love At The Bottom Of The Sea LP]
Tame Impala – [Lonerism LP]
Radar Eyes – [Radar Eyes LP]
Pairs – [If This Cockroach Doesn’t Die, I Will. LP]
Parquet Courts – [Light Up Gold LP]
Mushy – [Breathless LP]
Goat – [World Music LP]

Gum – [Seventeen EP]
Japandroids – [Celebration Rock LP]
Indoor Voices –  [Indoor Voices EP]
The Lost Rivers –  [Sin And Lostness LP]
Samantha Glass – [Midnight Arrival tape]
The Lovely Eggs – [Wildlife LP]
Piano Magic – [Chemical Ep]   

Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra – [Theatre Is Evil LP] 
Blacklisters – [Blklstrs LP]
Django Django – [Django Django LP]
The Leg – [An Eagle To Saturn LP]
Nu Sensae – [Sundowning LP]
Pigs – [You Ruin Everything LP]
Psychic Blood – [Autumn Curses tape]
Shiny Darkly – [Shiny Darkly EP]
Trust – [Trst LP]
Peoples Temple – [More For The Masses LP] 

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