Playlist for Monday, May 23rd 2016…..experience over youth wins again.

A radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

..on with the show playlist

Raime – Glassed [Tooth LP]
Pale Dian – Evan Evan [Narrow Birth LP]
Teal – I’m Still Waiting [Near The Ground LP]
Free Pizza – Dancing [Berlin, De LP]
Paws – N/A [No Grace LP]
Hockey Dad – So Tired [So Tired LP]
Proto Idiot – Better Version [For Dummies LP]
Garden Centre – Riding [Garden Centre LP]
Yokan System – Yapa [single]
Starklane – Glass Half Full [Collective Madness Is Called Sanity LP]
Les Panties – Factory [Cold Science LP]
Clifffs – Volcano [single]
Prism Tats – Weird Guilt [Prism Tats LP]
Zozo – International Waters [Single LP]
Fews – The Queen [Means LP]
Psychic Ills – Baby [Inner Journey Out LP]
Mayflower Madame – Weightless [Observed in a Dream LP]
Camp Cope – Lost (Season One) [Camp Cope LP]
Car Seat Headrest – Just What I Needed/Not Just What I Needed (Deleted Version) [Teens Of Denial LP]
Beverly – South Collins [The Blue Swell LP]
Amber Arcades – Fading Lines [Fading Lines LP]
Wray – Giant [Hypatia LP]
Naps – Bad Vibrations [The Most Beautiful Place On Earth LP]
Sego – 20 Years Tall [Once Was Lost Now Just Hanging Around LP]
Lithics – Burn On Burn [Borrowed Floors LP]
Kaspar Hauser – Enigma [Kaspar Hauser EP]
Helix Pulsar – Narcissistic [Beyond The Wall LP]

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