A DIY radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

Nerves – Empty [Glórach LP]
Paytron Saint – Carmilla Roll [single]
MAQUINA – desterro [PRATA LP]
Supermilk – Sweat [High Precision Ghosts LP]
Arab Strap – Sociometer Blues [I’m totally fine with it and I don’t give a fuck anymore LP]
Babe Report – Universal [Did You Get Better LP]
Frenchy and the Punk – Hypnotized [Single]
Famous Mammals – Final Decor [Famous Mammals LP]
HAAL – Vinculum [Back To Shilmarine EP]
Fake Fruit – Mucho Mistrust [single]
Current Joys – i always love your pain [Love + Pop 2 EP]
beet-wix – mindblock [single]
Death By Gong – In Despair [single]
Object Image – Happy Girl [Playful State LP]
Cowtown – Total Engagement [Fear Of… LP]
The Jonny Halifax Invocation – Thank You [single]
Las Nubes – Would Be [Tormentas Malsanas LP]
Cody Munro Moore – Clock Tower Falls ]At Parties LP]
Program – One on One [It’s a Sign LP]
Rebel Yell & Cong Josie – The Heat [Desolation LP]
Free Live Sports – Sweaty Thighs [I’ll Fish When I’m Dead LP]
My Best Unbeaten Brother – Time on Our Hands, Spider-Man [Pessimistic Pizza LP]
Summer Flake – Nothing Lasts Forever [single]
Greg Saunier – Yeah You, Person [We Sang, Therefore We Were LP]
Joyer – Fall Apart [Night Songs LP]
Living Clipboards – Teenage Retreat [All Over Tawa LP]
Apollo Ghosts – Ripping Invasives [Amethyst LP]
Disorientations – Cynical [Lost Today LP]
Ekko Astral – Uwu Type Beat [Pink Balloons LP]
It’s for us – I’ve Got Good News [Out of Time LP]
Bikini Body – Mr Tinnitus [Weird Party LP]
Still House Plants – Headlight [If I don’t make it, I love u LP]
Drahla – Lipsync [Angeltape LP]
Drill – Pipsqueak [Permanent LP]
Lightheaded – Bright Happy Girls [Combustible Gems LP]
The Lovely Eggs – Death Grip Kids [Eggsistentialism LP]
R.J.F. – Sonny John [Strange Going LP]
The Laughing Chimes – The Apologist Effigy [Tomorrow’s 87 single]
Shellac – Girl From Outside [To All Trains LP]
Amy O – Dribble Dribble [Mirror, Reflect LP]

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