Playlist for Monday, 10th October 2016….she’s real cut off.

A radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

..on with the show playlist

No Sister – Full Swing [No Sister LP]
Merchandise – Crystal Cage [A Corpse Wired For Sound LP]
Vvvv – Clean [Vvvv LP]
CC Dust – Shinkansen No. 1 [Single]
Chain Wallet – Faded Fight [Chain Wallet LP]
Patience – Wait For You [The Pressure LP]
The Wharves – The Strike [Electa LP]
Hella Comet – Sid [Locust Valley LP]
Mozes And The Firstborn – Land Of 1000 Dreams [Great Pile Of Nothing LP]
Pill – Vagabond [Convenience LP]
Tangible Excitement! – My Bigmouth [Tangible Excitement! EP]
Terry Malts – Used To Be [Lost At The Party LP]
Moor Mother – Valley Of Dry Bones [Fetish Bones LP]
La Femme – S.S.D. [Mystere LP]
Orb – First And Last Men [Birth LP]
Lab Coast – Inside Aquariums [Remember The Moon LP]
Preoccupations – Zodiac [Preoccupations LP]
Rainbow Reservoir – Kate Moss With A Moustache [Coco Sleeps Around LP]
Flour – There She Goes [Single]
The Attack – Magic In The Air [Let’s Go Down And Blow Our Minds LP]
One In A Million – Double Sight [Let’s Go Down And Blow Our Minds LP]
The Move – Vote For Me [Let’s Go Down And Blow Our Minds LP]
Jade Hexagram – Great Shadowy Strange [Let’s Go Down And Blow Our Minds LP]
Marching Church – Lion’s Den [Telling It Like It Is LP]
Sweet Williams – Ghost Waves [Please Let Me Sleep On Your Tonight LP]
Teenage Sin Taste – Perfect Dreams [Some Perfect Dreams EP]
The Early Years – Clone Theory [II LP]

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