Playlist for Monday, 19th December 2016….jingle bloody bells.

A radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

..on with the show playlist

Gross Net – The Body [Quantitative Easing LP]
The Vacant Lots – Verschwinden [Berlin EP]
Blackash – Anthropocene [Black Witch EP]
USA Nails – Oven Degreaser, Lisa [Stuck for Inspiration / Oven Degreaser, Lisa 7″]
Yukon Era – Echoes [Consume & Scratch EP]
Domkraft – Dustrider [The End Of Electricity LP]
Pale Angels – Don’t Feel A Thing [Daydreaming Blues LP]
Serengeti + Sicker Man – Boy [Doctor My Own Patience LP]
Angelic Milk – Rebel Black [Pnkslm Family Album 2016 LP]
Singapore Sling – Evil Angel [Kill Kill Kill (Songs About Nothing) LP]
Straight Arrows – Dead & Bored (It Happens Again) [Turn Me Off // Usa Tour 7″]
Team Picture – Potpourri Headache [single]
Tomorrow Syndicate – Into The Void [single]
The Junkyard Liberty – Tes Veux De Velours [Chains LP]
L I T H I C S – Human Doctor [Borrowed Floors LP]
The Teasers – The Coward [single]
Sewer Rats – Mother Acid [Mother Acid LP]
Syd Arthur – Monsters [single]
Purs – Surround [single]
Wedding Present – Fifty-Six [Going, Going… LP]
The Molochs – You And Me [America’s Velvet Glory LP]
Uranium Club – Opus [All Of Them Naturals LP]
Stove – The Meat [Is The Meat That Fell Out EP]
Terminal Cheesecake – Birds In 6-8 [Dandelion Sauce Of The Ancients LP]
Nervous Twitch – You Ruined Christmas [single]

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