Playlist for Monday, April 15th 2013…C90 mixtape, the third edition

mix·tape III

noun ˈmiks-ˌtāp

Definition of MIXTAPE

: a compilation of songs recorded (as onto a cassette tape or a CD) from various sources 

I was unable to do the show live on Monday so I have bashed out a classic C90 mixtape for your listening pleasure 

…and on with the show 

Foot Village – A.I.D.S. Sucks, Make Money    [Make Memories LP]
Salad Boys – Best Kept Secret    [Salad Boys CS]
Beach Fossils – Birthday    [Clash The Truth LP]
Waxahatchee – Brother Bryan    [Cerulean Salt LP]
Dick Diver – Calendar Days    [Calendar Days LP]
Songs – The Country    [Malabar LP]
Sparrow And The Workshop – The Faster You Spin    [Murderopolis LP]
Las Robertas – Foggy Eyes (Beat Happening Cover)    [Dissected Affair LP]
The Cult Of Dom Keller – Heavy And Dead    [The Cult Of Dom Keller LP]
The Woken Trees – Holy Water    [Nnon LP]
Carmen Villain – How Much    [Sleeper LP]
The Woolen Men – I Was Wrong    [The Woolen Men LP]
Death To Giants – Jared Leto    [Blood Pours Out LP]
Low – Just Make It Stop    [The Invisible Way LP]
Thought Forms – Landing    [Ghost Mountain LP]
Deptford Goth – Lions   [ Life After Defo LP]
Anika – Love Buzz    [Anika EP]
Camperdown & Out – Manly    [Couldn’t Be Better LP]
Thee Oh Sees – Maze Francier    [Floating Coffin LP]
Black Bug – Nightstick    [Reflecting The Light LP]
Mudhoney – The Only Son Of The Widow Of Nain    [Vanishing Point LP]
Clinic – See-Saw II    [Free Reign II LP]
Feathers – Soft    [If All Here Now LP]
Tropical Popsicle – Tethers    [Dawn Of Delight LP]
Wax Idols – When It Happens    [Discipline & Desire LP] 

Listen again, Mixcloud and Podcast.

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