Playlist for Monday, August 1st 2016…..everyone’s dreaming.

A radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

..on with the show playlist

Necro Deathmort – In Waves [The Capsule LP]
Flyying Colours – It’s Tomorrow Now [Mindfullness LP]
Of Montreal – My Fair Lady [Innocence Reaches LP]
Pill – Vagabond [Convenience LP]
Lovely Little Girls – Corpse Thighs Dancing [Glistening Vivid Splash LP]
The Flexibles – When I Was 86 [Pink Everything EP]
The Garden – Call This # Now [single]
Nicholas Allbrook – Career (A Letter To Kim) [Pure Gardiya LP]
Wyatt Blair – Dancing On A Dream [Point Of No Return LP]
Ghost Wave – Blues Signal ’79 [Radio Norfolk LP]
Tape Waves – Nowhere [Here To Fade LP]
Kitchen’s Floor – Resident Dregs [Battle Of Brisbane LP]
Virgin Of The Birds – Ilona, You Should Still Be My Vampire Attendant [Song, By Toad Split 12″ Vol.4 LP]
Magic Trick – More [Other Man’s Blues LP]
Mercury Girls – Holly [Continental Drift LP]
Doe – Last Ditch [Some Things Last Longer Than You LP]
Sleepies – Genetic Cousins [Natural Selection CS]
The See No Evils – You Make Me Move [Inner Voices LP]
Littler – Big Mouth [single]
Nots – Inherently Low [Cosmetic LP]
The Lucid Dream – I’m A Star In My Own Right [Compulsion Songs LP]
Camera – Nevernine [Phantom Of Liberty LP]
Pwr Bttm – Projection [Ugly Cherries LP]
Dinosaur Jr. – Goin Down [Give A Glimpse Of What Yer Not LP]
Descendents – Limiter [Hypercaffium Spazzinate LP]
American Anymen – Selectively Stupid [Start My Center LP]

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