Playlist for Monday, August 25th indie tunes galore!

Live session this week…

MGMT live at from Lowlands Festival.

….and tunes that spun on the turntable this week

18th Dye-Big Sky [Amorine Queen LP]
Fujiya & Miyagi-Knickerbocker [Knickerbocker single]
Husband and Knife-Death Day [Welcome Back To The Nothingness Of Your Life LP]
Glamour For Better-Darling You’re Nothing [Darling You’re Nothing LP]
Bloc Party-Halo [Intimacy LP]
Holy Ghost Revival-Green Raised Vain [Myspace]
Ida Maria-Oh My God [Oh My God single]
Televised Crimewave-Objects Of Desire [Myspace demo]
The Slants-We Will Never Die [Slanted Eyes, Slanted Hearts LP]
Dressy Bessy-Ease Me Down [Holler and Stomp LP]
Friendly Fires-White Diamonds [Friendly Fires LP]
Northern Portrait-I Give You Two Seconds To Entertain Me [Napoleon Sweetheart EP]
Noah and the Whale-Girlfriend In A Coma [5 Years Time EP]
Left Lane Cruiser-Set Me Down [Bring Yo’ Ass To The Table LP]
Rosie & The Goldbug-Strange Girl [Myspace]
S.C.U.M.-Visions Arise [Visions Arise single]
XX Teens-Only You [Only You CDS]
Ox.Eagle.Lion.Man.-The Drowned & The Saved [Myspace]

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