Playlist for Monday, August 29th 2011…tasty

Live session this week from Wild Flag recorded at Mellow Johnny’s Bike Shop, Austin, Texas. USA

…and on with the show.

Local Girls-Polished [The Wedding Jitters EP]

architecture-the chant [when we were young LP]

Per Purpose-Reel Ingenuity [Implicating More Than One EP]

Gross Magic-We’re Awake Tonight [Teen Jamz EP]

Being There-Tomorrow [Being There single] free download

Hookworms-I Have Some Business Out West [Hookworms LP]

Fungi Girls-Doldrums [Some Easy Magic LP]

Amen Dunes-Lower Mind [Through Donkey Jaw LP]

NOFX-Race Riot (D.O.A. Cover) [Hardcore EP]

Scraps-I Need You [Classic Shits LP]

Grave Babies-Pleasures [Pleasures Single]

Jacuzzi Boys-Libras and Zebras [Glazin’ LP]

Speculator-Jenny Says [Nice LP]

HTRK-Poison [Work (Work, Work) LP]

I Break Horses-Wired [Hearts LP]

The Present Moment-Alone [Loyal To A Fault LP]

This weeks podcast here …in mono only, for those of you with one ear.

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