Playlist for Monday, August 4th indie tunes galore!

In concert series

Sons and Daughters. that are spinning on the turntable this week

Blackstrap-Rough Parade [Steal My Horses And Run LP]
Firekites-Same Suburb Different Park [The Bowery LP]
Darker My Love-Northern Soul [2 LP]
Friendly Fires-In The Hospital [Friendly Fires LP]
Hot Head Show-Whiskey Pocket [Myspace]
Fucked Up-Year Of The Pig [Year Of The Pig single]
Joe Lean & The Jing Jang Jong-Dear Rose [Joe Lean & The Jing Jang Jong LP]
John & Jehn-You Far Away [John & Jehn LP]
The Grates-Carve Your Name [Teeth Lost, Hearts Won LP]
Maths Class-Jonny Got the Jawline [Now This Will Take Two Hands EP]
Parts & Labor-Nowheres Nigh [Receivers LP]
The Jet Age-O, Calendar [What Did You Do During The War, Daddy? LP]
The Tamborines-31st Floor [31st Floor single]
What Made Milwaukee Famous-Blood, Sweat & Fears [What Doesn’t Kill Us LP]
Underground Railroad-Sticks and stones [Sticks and Stones LP]

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