Playlist for Monday, January 11th 2016…..the day the music died.

A radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

I had just finished the the last voice break for the show and was typing the last tweet when I saw that David Bowie had passed. The first Bowie record I owned was Ziggy Stardust while I was still at school. This show is for David.

..on with the show playlist

Diiv – Mire (Grant’s Song) [Is The Is Are LP]
Sunday Painters – In My Dreams [In My Dreams LP]
Hinds – Warts [Leave Me Alone LP]
The Naturals – Cold People [Hive LP]
Yeti Lane – Good Word’s Gone [L’Aurore LP]
Pop. 1280 – Chromidia [Paradise LP]
Brat Farrar – Feel This Way [Being With You That Night 7″]
Daddy Issues – Drop Out [Drop Out / Middle Of America 7″]
White Reaper – Middle Of America [Drop Out / Middle Of America 7″]
Hothead – Inner Loop [Hothead CS]
Bamboo – Stone [Prince Pansori Priestess LP]
Pete Astor – Really Something [Spilt Milk LP]
Daughter – Numbers [Not To Disappear LP]
Working For A Nuclear Free City – Bottlerocket [What Do People Do All Day LP]
Crescendo – Repulsor [Crescendo LP]
Weird Black – Despite The Gloom [Hy Brazil LP]
Public Memory – Ringleader [Wuthering Drum LP]
Threat.Meet.Protocol – Forget Her [Mindless Consumption LP]
The Brainstems – 4244 [No Place Else LP]
Frog – Catchyalater [Catchyalater single]
Gleemer – Fall Out [Moving Away LP]
Sea Pinks – Down Dog [Soft Days LP]
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