Playlist for Monday, December 8th, London Calling Festival Part 3!

Yee ha…another big fat three hour feast of indieness, so we went overboard with the live recordings from the London Calling Festival early November featuring…

The Late Greats
Maths Class
The Pan I Am
White Denim

..and finished off with some lovely tunes from the turntable…ahhhh

Voyager One-The Kids Take Control [Afterhours in the Afterlife LP]
Disconcerts-Human Figure In Motion [Forthcoming Single]
The Manhattan Love Suicides-Kessler Syndrome [Kessler Syndrome 7″]
Violens-Already Over [V LP]
Detroit Social Club-Rivers And Rainbows [Rivers and Rainbows single]
Dinosaur Pile-Up-My Rock N Roll [Single]
DZ-Two Lungs [Myspace]

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