Playlist for Monday, February 2nd 2009, Eurosonic Festival live and indie tunes galore!

Live session this week recorded at the Eurosonic festival mid January featuring..


….and tunes that spun on the hard drive this week

Daniel Land and the Modern Painters-Within The Boundaries [Within The Boundaries single]
Heels Catch Fire-A Bright Light’s Not White [myspace]
Memory Cassette-Listen To The Vacuum [Rewind While Sleepy EP]
Ono Palindromes-Kitty Magic [Kitty Magic Single]
exlovers-Weightless [ST EP]
Micachu-Calculator [Jewellery LP]
I Was A King-A Name That Hurts To Say [I Was A King LP]
Downdime-Joanne [Knowing Too Much LP
Kasms-Bone You [Bone You Single]
Planet Earth-Bergman Movies [Planet Earth single]
Defend Moscow-Manifesto [Manifesto single]
Dora Brilliant-Get A Grip [myspace]
Lord Auch-Mareado [Mareado single]
No Kisses-Swastika Sally [myspace]
Reigns-Bad Slate [The House On The Causeway LP]
Phoenix Catscratch-O Val [myspace]
Telegraphs-The Argument [myspace]
Screen Vinyl Image-Lost In Repeat [Interceptors LP]
The Neat-Carmex [myspace]

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