Playlist for Monday, February 8th 2010, indie tunes galore!!

Live session from Babies recorded at the Glasslands Gallery, Brooklyn, NY USA. Courtesy of nyctaper

…and on with the show..

Eat Skull-Jerusalem Mall [Jerusalem Mall 7″]
Katsen-A Pulse [Basic Pleasure Unit EP]
Mickey-She’s So Crazy [She’s So Crazy 7″]
Romance-Another Place [Another Place 7″]
Frankie & The Heartstrings-Hunger [Hunger/Fragile 7″]
Led Er Est-Destination Sanity [Dust On Common LP]
Bloody Knives-Nothing Will Fix [Bloody Knives EP]
Blood Red Shoes-Heartsink [Fire Like This LP]
Nerve City-Get Gone [Red Tops 7″]
Pacific Theater-Refugee [Animals At Night LP]
Future Islands-Vireo’s Eye [In Evening Air LP]
Hurts-Wonderful Life [Wonderful Life single]
Night Control-CS [Life Control LP]
Parallels-Ultralight Dark Esquire Re-Version [Remixes download]
Death In Plains-Over And Above (Premier Rang Remix) [Remixes Download]
Quasi-Little White Horse [American Gong LP]
Standard Fare-Fifteen [Fifteen 7″]
Veronica Falls-Found Love In A Graveyard [Found Love In A Graveyard 7″]
Health-Nice Girls [Get Color LP]

Podcast here

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