Playlist for Monday, January 12th 2009, frYars live and others not!

Live session this week recorded at the London Calling festival early November featuring..


….and tunes that spun on the hard drive this week

Dirtblonde-The Hangmen [White Noise, Rubber Heart EP]
Abe Vigoda-House [Reviver LP]
Downdime-Lessons [Knowing Too Much LP]
Engineers-Three Fact Fader [Three Fact Fader EP]
Diego-Fan City [Two LP]
Eve Black Eve White-Dead Without You [Myspace]
Girls-Lust For Life [Lust For Life single]
Headphone-In white rooms [Ghostwriter LP]
Helen Love-Candylips [Calm Down Dad single]
Let’s Wrestle-Heartbreaker [Let’s Wrestle LP]
No Kisses-Get Closer [Myspace]
Pete & The Pirates-Jennifer [Jennifer single]
Norma-Waste [Book of Norma LP]
O Children-Masquerade [Ruins [Demos] LP]
Prisonshake-Favorite Hospital [Dirty Moons LP]
Romance-Internal Attack [Myspace]
Silhouette-Take It Out On Me [Myspace]
Come On Gang!-Start The Sound [Split single with Kid Canaveral]
Stranger Son Of WB-Engine [Single]
The Argument-Messages [Summer/Winter Nights LP-Free download here]
The Housewives-Getaway [single]
The Medusa Snare-Slow Motion [Cinderella EP]
The Old Romantic Killer Band-Trouble Causer [The Swan With Two Necks LP]
The Old Romantic Killer Band-Your Girlfriend Is a Drug Addict [The Swan With Two Necks LP]
Turbowolf-Bite [Myspace]

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