Playlist for Monday, January 18th 2016…..let me just mess that around a little.

A radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

..on with the show playlist

Housewives – Autarky [Work LP]
Hologram Teen – Tracksuit Minotaur [Post-Apocalypteacakes 7″]
The Orange Revival – Carolyn [Futurecent LP]
Bethlehem Steel – 87s [Docking LP]
Citrus Clouds – Dreamer [In Time I Am LP]
Drift. – Dreams In Silkscreen [Black Devotion LP]
Sunflower Bean – Easier Said [Single]
Sauropod – Headphones [single]
Chorusgirl – This Town Kills [Chorusgirl LP]
Cellulite – Don’t Mind Me [Dust Wave LP]
Pinkshinyultrablast – The Cherry Pit [Grandfeathered LP]
Palehound – Healthier Folk [Dry Food LP]
The Goon Sax – Boyfriend [Up To Anything LP]
The Coolies – Shut Us Out [Kaka LP]
Telegram – Needles In The Camel’s Eye [Aeons 7″]
Hit Bargain – The Circuits That Cannot Be Cut [single]
Harps – For All Shys [Shaking Spoon LP]
Joya – Kitsilano [Single]
The Altered Hours – Silver Leather [In Heat Not Sorry LP]
Broken English Club – Tourist Zone [Suburban Hunting LP]
HEX – Albatross [single]
Black Mountain – No Satisfaction (UK Radio Version) [Black Mountain (10th Anniversary Deluxe Edition) LP]
The Clean – David Bowie [Oddities CS]

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