Playlist for Monday, July 14th-Pinkpop Festival and others!

In concert series-Live at Pinkpop Festival May 2008

The Wombats that are spinning on the turntable this week.

Air Cav-Embers [Embers single]
Frightened Rabbit-Set You Free [Head Rolls Off single]
ddd-Drown [ddd EP]
Maps & Atlases-Daily News [You and Me and the Mountain LP]
Novocaines-Digital Disco [Digital Disco EP]
Blitzen Trapper-Crushing the Wheat [PDX Pop Now 2008 LP]
The Little Ones-Morning Tide [Morning Tide LP]
Late Of The Pier-Heartbeat [Fantasy Black Channel LP]
The Lucid Dream-I got the devil [Myspace]
The Hair-Half Cut [Half Cut EP]
The Wave Pictures-Hotels And Motels [Just Like A Drummer EP]
Celestial-The summers first kiss [myspace]
Ceremony-Dream Of Only You [Myspace]
Dead Pixels-So You Say [Sweet FA LP]
Le Tetsuo-Hammertoe [Your Elbow EP]
Lovvers-Laughing Man [7″ EP]
Maths Class-Branches [Now this will take two hands EP]
Polysics-Boys & Girls [We Ate The Machine LP]

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