Playlist for Monday, July 1st 2013….number 1!

A fun filled show of mutha pucking rocknroll, all at different speeds and genres. Variety is the spice of life they say..  

….on with the show 

TV Girl – She Smokes In Bed    [Lonely Women LP] listen/buy 
Pity Sex – Sedated    [Feast Of Love LP] 
Oberhofer – Earplugs    [Notalgia EP] 
Secret Colours – Who You Gonna Run To    [Peach LP]
Electric Eye – The Road    [Pick-Up, Lift-Off, Space, Time LP] 
Taffy – Snowberry    [Lexiviate LP] 
Das Rad – Hunter    [Pleasence EP] listen/buy
Heliotropes – Good And Evil    [A Constant Sea LP] 
Hehfu – Junk Heart    [Junk Heart single] listen/buy
Petey – Like It’s Dead    [Eddie Murphy / Just The Dudes Split with The Sweets EP] listen/buy
Neon Lights – Game Over    [Late LP] freedownload
Dead Ghosts – On Your Own    [Can’t Get No LP] listen/buy
Destruction Unit – Slow Death Sounds    [Deep Trip LP] 
The Shivas – You Know What To Do    [Pdx Pop Now! 2013 LP]
Ghostapes – Girls    [Pdx Pop Now! 2013 LP]
Lava – Humanwave    [Pdx Pop Now! 2013 LP]
Radiation City – Zombies    [Pdx Pop Now! 2013 LP]
Catherine Feeny – Fourth Of July    [Pdx Pop Now! 2013 LP]
Light House – Watchword    [In Their Image LP] listen/buy
Winter Bear – Jump In The Fire    [ST 7″]
Cop City/ Chill Pillars– Gift Shop    [ST 7″]
Cop City/ Chill PillarsBrand New Neighbor  [ST 7″]
Wampire – I Can’t See Why    [Curiosity LP] 
Fists – Go    [Phantasm  LP] listen/buy

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