Playlist for Monday, July 4th 2011…too many words

The show before the Phoenix like rising of RDU…

Be Forest-Florence [Cold LP]
Ghost Animal-Single Man [Single Man/In Your Room 7″]
Kindest Lines-Destructive paths to live happily [Covered In Dust LP]
Milk Maid-Not Me [Yucca LP]
She’s Hit-Shimmer Shimmer [Pleasure LP]
Ceremony-Dreams Stripped Away [Not Tonight LP]
Comet Gain-Working Circle Explosive! [Howl Of The Lonely Crowd LP]
Maria & the Mirrors-Blonde September [Travel Sex EP]
Moonbeams-Oh Anna [The Daisy Chain LP]
Warm Brains-Old Volcanoes [single]
Honeydrum-Skin City [Pleasures Of The Sun LP]
Lightouts-And It Come And Goes [And It Come And Goes single]
Buzzcocks-Harmony In My Head [A Different Compilation LP]
Cults-Walk At Night [Cults LP]
The Horrors-Dive In [Skying LP]
The Blind Shake-They’re All Gone [Seriousness LP]
Grass Widow-Milo Minute [Milo Minute 7″]
Moonbell-Figurine [Figurine EP]
Blouse-Nights & Days [Shadow single]
Chelsea Wolfe-DEMONS [Ἀποκάλυψις LP]
Lowline-Suicide [Launch At Control LP]
Still Corners-Cuckoo [Cuckoo 7″]
Fonda-Better Days [Better Days EP]
Senium-In Depth [Such Progress LP]
Drowner-Written [Drowner EP]
The Lovely Eggs-Fuck It [Fuck It 7″]
Trembling Blue Stars-A Field At Dusk [Correspondence EP]
Young Circles-Devil [Jungle Habits LP]

This weeks podcast here

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