Playlist for Monday, July 8th 2013….up to heat

A fun filled show of mutha pucking rocknroll, all at different speeds and genres. Variety is the spice of life they say..   

….on with the show  

Flying Eyes – Under Iron Feet    [Lowlands LP] freedownload
Secret Valley – The Night Life    [S E C R E T V A L L E Y LP] freedownload
Splashh – Washed Up    [Comfort LP]
Scott & Charlene’s Wedding – Lesbian Wife   [Any Port In A Storm]
Adam StaffordVanishing Tanks    [Imaginary Walls Collapse LP] 
Ovlov The Well    [Am LP]  listen/buy
The CourtneysInsufficient Funds    [The Courtneys LP] listen/buy
Gauntlet HairObey Me    [Stills LP] 
Guiguisuisui & The Electric ShadowsBlack Cat    [ST LP] listen/buy
Halo HaloMata Mata    [Halo Halo LP]
Los TonesGone Away    [St 7″] listen/buy
Cough CoolVelvet    [29 LP]
Fair OhsYa Mustafa    [Jungle Cats LP]
Winter BearShould I Leave    [ST 7″]
VermaRagnaraak    [ST 7″] 
OccultsI Was Wrong    [ST EP]
TemplesColours To Life  [Colours To Life 10″]
Heavy TimesMight Not    [Fix It Alone LP]
Shocked MindsAlong For The Ride    [Shocked Minds LP] listen/buy
The Gooch PalmsA Sun A Moon    [New Centre Of The Universe Vol 2 LP] 
Lust For YouthVibrant Brother    [Perfect View  LP]

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