Playlist for Monday, June 13th 2011…unmissable

This weeks show brought to you by…me!

Love Culture-Drag [Drag LP] free download
Memory Tapes-Wait In The Dark [Player Piano LP]
Woods-To Have In The Home [Sun And Shade LP]
OFF!-Compared To What [Compared To What b/w Rotten Apple 7″]
Insect Guide-Reason To Exist [Reason To Exist single]
Washed Out-Echoes [Within and Without LP]
Bitches-Jesus Sweet [web]
The Happy Thoughts-One More Fish [The Happy Thoughts LP]
Archers Of Loaf-What Did You Expect? [Icky Mettle reissue LP]
Ty Segall-You Make The Sun Fry [Goodbye Bread LP]
Best Coast-Crazy for You [iTunes Session]
Beirut-East Harlem [East Harlem single]
Dananananaykroyd-E Numbers [There Is A Way LP]
Golden Staph-Riding [Golden Staph LP]
Witches-Forget [Forever LP]
Maria & the Mirrors-Travel Sex [Travel Sex 12″]
tashaki miyaki-somethin is better than nothin [tashak it to me single] free download
Spooky Campers-Floating [Shitty Campground EP] free download
Ryan Garbes-Why [Sweet Hassle LP]
Bodies Of Water-Open Rhythms [Twist Again LP]
Jackie O Motherfucker-Where We Go [Earth Sound System LP]
Pink Reason-Cranes Are Flying [Shit in the Garden LP]
Useless Eaters-Drug Store [Daily Commute LP]
Senium-Original Source [Such Progress LP] free download
The Coathangers-My Baby [Larceny & Old Lace LP]
Throwing Up-When I Touch You [When I Touch You 7″]
Gold-Bears-In This City, I’m Invincible [Are You Falling In Love? LP]
White Denim-Anvil Everything [D LP]
Seapony-I Never Would [Go With Me LP]
Sebadoh-Not Too Amused [Bakesale LP]

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