Playlist for Monday, June 13th 2016…..false start, on for next week.

A radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

..on with the show playlist

Dva Damas – Clear Cut [Clear Cut EP]
Body Sculptures – Turning Field [A Body Turns To Eden LP]
Cerise – Smoke Screen Dreams [Smoke Screen Dreams LP]
Teal – There Goes Life [Near The Ground CS]
Radar Men From The Moon – Translucent Concrete [Subversive Il LP]
Seratones – Choking On Your Spit [Get Gone LP]
Free Pizza – Sighing [Berlin, De LP]
Weaves – Coo Coo [Weaves LP]
Eagulls – Velvet [Ullages LP]
Terry – Third War [Terry HQ LP]
The Cult Of Dom Keller – Broken Arm Of God [Goodbye To The Light LP]
Hooded Fang – Miscast [Venus On Edge LP]
Magic Potion – Gemz [Pink Gum LP]
Whyte Horses – The Snowfalls [Pop Or Not LP]
Jessica & The Fletchers – Marble Fountain [Marble Fountain 7″]
Boys – Happy Hour [Love On Tour EP]
Rebel Yell – Never Perfection [Mother Of Millions LP]
Zahgurim – The People’s Temple [Moral Rearmament LP]
Helix Pulsar – Some Things Are Better [Beyond The Wall LP]
Introflirt – Frozen Lace [Temporary Heaven LP]
Odonis Odonis – Nervous [Post Plague LP]
Honey Radar – Kiss The Peppermint President [Blank Cartoon LP]
Flamingods – Rhama [Majesty LP]
Kino Kimino – Blood Bath [Bait Is For Sissies LP]
Trespasser – Rape City Blues [Trespasser CS]
Indian Jewelry – Wouldn’t It Be Nice [A Tribute To Pet Sounds LP]

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