Playlist for Monday, June 1st 2009, indie tunes galore!!

A world wide indie tour…..

Live at Motel MozaïqueTiny Masters Of Today

…and on with the show..

Wonderfully Courteous Gentlemen-Breakfall [You Can Can EP]
The Neat-Ode To Joy [myspace]
David Cronenberg’s Wife-I Couldn’t Get Off (solo) [The Fight Song EP]
Acetate Zero-Dry [Hesitation Blues LP]
Berlin Brides-Failure To Wank [Failure To Wank EP]
King Of Conspiracy-Chinese Rings [Youth Against The Empire EP]
Beats For Beginners-Laser Beams For Eyes [single]
Sonic Youth-Calming The Snake [The Eternal LP]
Duchess Says-Rabies (Baby’s Got The) [Begging The 3 Ts EP]
Fever Fever-Keys In The Bowl [single]
Lydia Lunch-Kill Your Sons [Big Sexy Noise LP]
Cutaways-Hey, Map My Way [Earth And Earthly Things…LP]
Humanzi-Bass Balls [single]
Spare Snare-Spot The Difference [I Love You, I Hate You LP]
Starvation Box-Heavenfuck [Demos]
Johnny Foreigner-Feels Like Summer [single]
The Legends-You Won [Over And Over LP]
The Mono-She’s Breathless [demos]
Plug-You Keep The Beats [B Boy 7″]

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