Playlist for Monday, June 29th 2009, indie tunes galore!!

A world wide indie tour…

Live session this week from The Cinematics at the London Calling Festival recorded at the Paradiso in Amsterdam early May.

and on with the show..

Circus Devils-Easy Baby [Gringo LP]
Lacrosse-I See A Brightness [Bandages For The Heart LP]
Let’s Wrestle-Song For Old People [In The Court Of The Wrestling Let’s LP]
Crash Normal-Bikinies Invaiders [Finger Shower LP]
No Kisses-My Oh My [demo]
Love Is All-Jealousy [Last Choice EP]
Plugs-All Them Witches [All Them Witches single]
Palpitation-Next Stop Tennessee [I’m Happy Now LP]
Bombay Bicycle Club-Dust On The Ground [single]
Cold Cave-The Trees Grew Emotions And Died [The Trees Grew Emotions And Died EP]
Plushgun-How We Roll [Pins & Panzers LP]
Polvo-Beggars Bowl [In Prism LP]
Pre-Haircut Tacos [Hope Freaks LP]
Shapes-Our Children’s Children [The Pasture, The Oil LP]
So Many Dynamos-Keep It Simple [The Loud Wars LP]
That Fucking Tank-Keanu Reef [Tanknology LP]
The Dead Weather-Treat Me Like Your Mother [single]
Spoon-Got Nuffin [single]

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