Playlist for Monday, June 3rd 2013….room 2

Starting off this week with 4 tunes that I didn’t have time to play in the Aussie Rulz show last week and then some other world tunes.. 

…on with the show

UV RaceMen Are From Mars, Morcus Is From Venus “Glam”    [Queens Of Punk 7″] listenbuy
The ClitsTwenty Two Past Five   [forthcoming single]
Wheat FieldsLet’s Play   [Saturnalia LP] freedownload
Circular KeysEurogrand    [Eurogrand single] 
Go VioletsJosie    [single] listen 
Courtney BarnettHistory Eraser   [single] listenbuy
MudhoneySwimming In Beer    [New World Charm 7″] 
SistersClearhead    [Clearhead single]
Me After YouIl Primo Dio    [Foughts LP] 
John GrantBlackbelt    [Pale Green Ghost LP]
Jesse RuinsSharon Is Frozen    [A Film LP] 
Odonis OdonisBetter    [Better LP] 
No JoyLizard Kids    [Wait To Pleasure LP] 
Just HandshakesCut And Run    [Say It LP] 
Starlight Girls7×3      [single]
Bass Drum Of DeathBad Reputation    [Bass Drum Of Death LP] 
Hippy Soho Bums    [Almost Live LP] freedownload 
ReykjavictimDao Shi Hou    [Xiao Di Fang LP] listenbuy
PharmakonPitted    [Abandon LP] 
SightingsMute’s Retreat    [Terribly Well LP] 
Bloody KnivesNot Alone    [Death 7″] 
Dead Leaf EchoMemorytraces    [Thought & Language LP] 
X-Ray CharlesSupersoaker    [Selph Titled LP] freedownload 
OccultsSoiled Bibles    [S/T EP] listenbuy
Moon Jelly10 Trains    [Moon Jelly CS] listenbuy
PriestsPersonal Planes    [Single] listenbuy 
Halo HaloSunshine Kim    [Halo Halo LP]  
Man Or Astro-Man?Defcon 1    [Defcon 5…4…3…2…1 LP] 
Girl Band  – You’re A Dog   [France 98 EP] listenbuy

Listen again, Mixcloud and Podcast.  

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