Playlist for Monday, June 6th 2011…never behind the line

No Anchor-Wolves Bite And Disappear [Real Pain Supernova LP] free download
Dead Leaf Echo-Half-Truth (John Fryer remix) [Verisimilitude EP]
An Horse-Dressed Sharply [Walls LP]
Vehicle Blues-Your Pile [Trudgers / Vehicle Blues Split cassette]
Art Imperial-When I’m With You (I Feel Dumb) [Surf Suburban EP] free download
The Globes-Stay Awake [Future Self LP]
Junior Low-Bloodlust [Almost Forever cassette]
Death In Plains-porn…On Tv [unreleased track from forthcoming LP]
Sonic Boom-Fallout [Moon Duo Mazes Remixed LP]
Sightings-The Knotted House [Future Accidents LP]
Brave Irene-Longest Day [Brave Irene LP]
Mazes-Wait Anyway [A Thousand Heys LP]
Thee Oh Sees-Blood on the Deck [Castlemania LP]
Human Eye-The Movie Was Real [They Came from the Sky LP]
True Widow-Skull Eyes [As High As the Highest Heavens and from the Center to the Circumference of the Earth LP]
Arctic Monkeys-Don’t Sit Down ‘Cause I’ve Moved Your Chair [Suck It And See LP]
Peoples Temple-Sons of Stone [Sons of Stone LP]
Meth Teeth-Control [Meth Teeth/Christmas Island double 7″]
King Post Kitsch-Don’t You Touch My Fucking Honeytone [The Party’s Over LP]
The Vera Violets-Chemical Figure [In Between Fires LP]
Honeycomb Bones-Keep Your Fever [Evil Age EP]
The Men-Night Landing [Leave Home LP]
The Skull Defekts-Gospel of the skull [Peer Amid LP]
Pete and the Pirates-Things That Go Bump [One Thousand Pictures LP]
Christmas Island-Drawing Skulls [Meth Teeth/Christmas Island double 7″]
Kids On A Crime Spree-I Don’t Want to Call You Baby, Baby [We Love You So Bad LP]

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