Playlist for Monday, June 8th 2009, indie tunes galore!!

A world wide indie tour…we are all over the place and pigging out!!

And What Will Be Left Of Them-Dance, Damn You, Dance (part) [The Hi-Fi Low Life LP]
The Slow Blade-Down I Wander [Demos]
What Would Jesus Drive-Love Is [Demos]
Ulterior-Sister Speed [Sister Speed single]
Viva Voce-Tornado Alley [Rose City LP
Sonic Youth-Malibu Gas Station [The Eternal LP]
Lydia Lunch-Another Man Comin’ (While The Bed Is Still Warm) [Big Sexy Noise LP]
We Rock Like Girls Don’t-Hip To You [How Did It Get To This LP]
The Poison Arrows-Peruvian Mountain Fight [First Class, And Forever LP]
Starvation Box-Happy [Demos]
Contortionists-Culting [Degenerate Music and The Evils Of Banality EP]
Acetate Zero-Imperial climb [Hesitation Blues LP]
The Lion Constellation-You’re Everything [Flashing Light LP]
Kap Bambino-Blond Roses [Blacklist LP]
Art Brut-Summer Job [Art Brut Vs. Satan LP]
Black Moth Super Rainbow-Dark Bubbles [Eating Us LP]
Future Of The Left-Land Of My Formers [Travels With Myself And Another LP]
Crocodiles-Summer Of Hate [Summer Of Hate LP]
Kyle (of the band MEN)-Float [Songs For Eric: A Tribute To Eric’s Trip LP]
The Mary Onettes-Dare [Dare Ep]
Gliss-Sad Eyes [Devotion Implosion LP]
Signed Papercuts-Sound Of Silence Pt. 2 [Of My Heart Single]
Quad Throw Salchow-Dead Good [Speed LP]
Bombs Into You-Hold the Line [Metaphorically Yours, Vol. 1 – EP]
Japandroids-Wet Hair [Post-Nothing LP]
Ume-The Conductor [Sunshower – Ep]

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