Playlist for Monday, March 14th 2016…..there’s no reason to hide anymore.

A radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

..on with the show playlist

The Gaa Gaas – Indian Giver [Close Your Eyes single]
Yndi Halda – Together Those Leaves [Under Summer LP]
Sufjan Stevens – Chicago (Demo) [Illinois (The Blue Marvel Edition)LP
Don Glow – Sun Calls In My Veins [Live On The Grill Bbq Party EP]
Milk Teeth – Brain Food [Vile Child LP]
Naked – Think About Death [Pink Quartz LP]
Purling Hiss – Fumble Tumble [Something LP]
Field Music – Indeed It Is [Commontime LP]
Pj Harvey – The Community Of Hope [The Hope Six Demolition Project LP]
David Vassalotti – The Dogs [Broken Rope LP]
Diiv – Valentine [Is The Is Are LP]
Self Defense Family – In Those Dark Satanic Mills [Superior LP]
Lake Michigan – Boxes [Further LP]
Plastic Animals – Ghosts [Pictures From The Blackout LP]
Naps – Social Skills [Social Skills single]
Sennen – Silence To Me [First Light LP]
Great Thunder – I Was Fine Before [The Great Thunder Radiator Hospital Wedding Album LP]
Radiator Hospital – Old Me [The Great Thunder Radiator Hospital Wedding Album LP]
Me And My Drummer – Blue Splinter View [Love Is A Fridge LP]
Slow Down Molasses – Stay Still [Burnt Black Cars LP]
Presents For Sally – An Arms Reach Away [An Arms Reach Away/ Darkness Inside LP]
93millionmilesfromthesun – I’m Waiting [An Arms Reach Away/ Darkness Inside LP]
Miniatures – What You Want [Jessamines LP]
Massenger – Eego Game [Peeling Out LP]
Tracy Bryant – The Gun [Subterranean LP]

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