Playlist for Monday, March 21th 2011..Bill has left the building..again

Hello all

We are still waiting for the building to be cleared so we can get back to the studio so until then another ‘hostless” show for Monday . Thanks for your patience.

The Sorry Kisses-Drifting In the Dark [Keep Smiling LP]
Kurt Vile-Jesus Fever [Live @ Don’t Look Down]
The Primitives-Rattle My Cage [Never Kill a Secret-EP]
The Sunday Reeds-Shiver Up My Veins [Dark Rainbows EP]
The Dirtbombs-Cosmic Cars [Party Store LP]
Ceremony-Not Tonight [Not Tonight EP]
Those Dancing Days -Reaching Forward [Daydreams & Nightmares LP]
The Answering Machine-Romantic And Square (Demo) [Rarities 2006-2009 LP]
Mr. Dream-Trash Hit [Trash Hit LP]
A Grave With No Name-Streams [Streams single]
Navel-Can’t Feel A Thing [Neo Noir LP]
Factory Floor-(R E A L L O V E) [(R E A L L O V E) single]
The Thermals-Not Like Any Other Feeling [Not Like Any Other Feeling single]
Terror Bird-We Were Monsters [Human Culture LP]
Tim Cohen-Fight for The One You Love [Bad Blood EP]
Alcoholic Faith Mission-Legacy [And The Running With Insanity EP]
Shapes Have Fangs-Rattle and Confuse Me [Dinner in The Dark LP]
Brave Irene-River To Sea [Brave Irene LP]
Cat’s Eyes-The Best Person I Know [Broken Glass EP]
Stricken City-Bella Writer [Losing Color LP]
Echo Lake-Young Silence [Young Silence EP]
The Vaccines-Blow It Up [The Vaccines LP]
Dirty Beaches-A Hundred Highways [Badlands LP]
Remodel-Ma Boussole [Statues LP]
The Dodos-Sleep [No Color LP]
Parts & Labor-Rest [Constant Future LP]
Screeching Weasel-Totem Pole [First World Manifesto LP]
Joan of Arc-Night Life Style [Life Like LP]
Jeff The Brotherhood-Mellow Out [We Are The Champions LP]
Crystal Stilts-Invisible City [In Love With Oblivion LP]
Sweet Bulbs-Eyes Feathers [Sweet Bulbs LP]
Naked On The Vague-Clock Of 12’s [Twelve Dark Noons LP]
Dignan Porch-Stream [Deluded LP]
Capsula-Hit ‘n’ Miss [In The Land Of Silver Souls LP]
Le Tigre-Deceptacon [Who Took the Bomp? Le Tigre on Tour DVD]
Outer Limits Recordings-$20 Dollar Bill [single]

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