Playlist for Monday, March 22nd 2010, indie tunes galore!!

Live session from Bad Veins recorded at Knitting Factory, Brooklyn, NY USA. Courtesy of

…and on with the show.

Mr. Dream-Knick Knack [No Girls Allowed ep]
Monster Movie-In The Morning [Everyone Is A Ghost LP]
Nothing People-Avoiding Needles [Soft Crash LP]
Speak & The Spells-Brianna [She’s Dead ep]
Dum Dum Girls-Bhang Bhang, I’m A Burnout [I Will Be LP]
Dag for Dag-Animal [Boo LP]
Xiu Xiu-Chocolate Makes You Happy [Dear God, I Hate Myself LP]
Girls Names-Graveyard [Girls Names ep]
Double Dagger-Imitation Is The Most Boring From Of Flattery [Masks ep]
Standard Fare-I Know It’s Hard [The Noyelle Beat LP]
Dignan Porch-Footsteps [Tendrils LP]
Eddy Current Suppression Ring-Burn [Rush To Relax LP]
Summer Cats-Christopher Wren [Songs For Tuesdays LP]
The Kabeedies-Jitterbug (Re-Edit) [Jitterbug DD]
Clipd Beaks-Blood [To Realize LP]
Happy Birthday-Eyes Music [Happy Birthday LP]
Soft Moon-Breathe The Fire [single]
The German Measles-Color Vibration [Color Vibration single]
The Proper Ornaments-Recalling [myspace]
Sourpatch-It’s So Strange [Crushin’ LP]
The Babies-Caroline [All Things Come To Pass single]
Woven Bones-If It Feels Alright [In And Out And Back Again LP]
Hole-Skinny Little Bitch [single]
Nirvana-Dive (Live) [Bleach: Deluxe Edition LP]

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