Playlist for Monday, March 23rd 2009, indie tunes galore!!

A full on indie feast tonight!!!

Camera Obscura-French Navy [My Maudlin Career LP]
Bricolage-Flowers of Deceit [Bricolage LP
This Tawdry Affair-Take A Look [myspace]
Autons-Snakes [Short Term Manifesto LP]
Twisted Wheel-We Are Us [Twisted Wheel LP]
Artefacts For Space Travel-The Sun’s Gone [Artefacts For Space Travel LP]
Baby Gravy-Did It Again [Did It Again – Single]
Beep Beep-The Whispering Waves [Enchanted Islands LP]
Eight Legs-I Understand [I Understand single]
Fables-Lost At Sea [Demos]
Fresh Legs-Castle [myspace]
CC-SB-The Box [myspace]
No Bra-Munchausen [Dance and Walk LP]
Project:Komakino-Crash [Demo]
Selfish Cunt-Avocado [English Chamber Music LP]
Fuck Dress-Everything’s Ultra Now [Everything’s Ultra Now! EP]
Manicure-I Don’t [Manicure LP]
Mass Of The Fermenting Dregs-She is inside,He is outside [World Is Yours LP]
Not Cool-Dead Kid City [myspace]
Lali Puna-I Like Rain (Jean Paul Sartre Experience cover) [Not Given Lightly LP]
The Go Find-Pink Frost (The Chills cover) [Not Given Lightly LP]
American Analog Set-Anything Could Happen (The Clean cover) [Not Given Lightly LP]
Zail-Moses [myspace]
Let’s Wrestle-Recoup (Artefacts For Space Travel cover) [Stolen Cover’s CDR]
Ice, Sea, Dead People-My Twin Brother’s A Brother [single]
Starfucker-Pop Song [Starfucker Burnin Up Ep]
Tiny Masters Of Today-Skeletons [Skeletons single]

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