Playlist for Monday, March 4th 2013….some conditions apply

No live session this week, instead we have another fine selection of musical goodness, I’m having too much fun listening to new tunes…so I’m sharing them with you.  

…and on with the show…  

Black Rebel Motorcycle ClubRival    [Specter At The Feast LP] 
Grave BabiesCount Cuts    [Crusher LP] 
Slowness  – The Glass   [For Those Who Wish To See The Glass Half Full LP] 
HookwormsForm & Function    [Pearl Mystic]  listen/buy here 
Sungrazer  – Flow Through A Good Story    [The Machine & Sungrazer split LP] listen/buy
Weird MenaceBeyond Belief    [The Weird Menace EP] freedownload 
Taco LegShadow Pal    [Taco Leg CS] 
Beach FossilsCareless    [Clash The Truth LP] 
Psychic IllsMight Take A While    [One Track Mind LP] 
Bare PaleShame    [If It Is LP] freedownload 
Golden GrrrlsOlder Today    [Golden Grrrls LP] 
CarolesOver Head    [Caroles LP] freedownload 
Cool SerbiaKill Someone    [Cool Serbia Ep] listen/buy 
Acrobatic SocietyDeek It    [Kick Me, I’m Down LP] 
Warm SodaJeanie Loves Pop    [Someone For You LP] 
MudhoneyThe Only Son Of The Widow From Nain    [Vanishing Point LP] 
LowPlastic Cup    [The Invisible Way LP] 
ActeursGolden Rabbit    [Acteurs LP] 
Useless EatersAddicted To The Blade    [Hypertension LP] 
White FangStrange Feeling    [High Expectations LP] 
MazesBite    [Ores & Minerals LP] 
Pissed JeansChain Worker    [Honeys LP]  

Listen again, Mixcloud and Podcast.


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