Playlist for Monday, May 18th 2009, indie tunes galore!!

A world wide indie tour…..

Live at Motel Mozaïque…Daily Bread

…and on with the show..

I Heart Hiroshima-The Cover [Friends With Swords EP]
Mika Miko-Wild Bore [We Be Xuxa LP]
Super Tennis-Super Tennis Theme Song [Super Tennis EP}
Men Without Pants-Never gonna do that again [Naturally LP]
Double Dagger-Surrealist Composition With Your Face [More LP]
The Barlights-Bend and Break [If It Wasn’t For The Light, The Dark Would Have Killed Us LP]
Murmansk-The Surgical Assistant [Eleven Eyes To Shade LP

Neils Children-Sometimes It’s Hard To Let Go [X.Enc LP]
The Bavarian Druglords-King & Queen [205 LP]
The Gossip-Heavy Cross [Music For Men LP]
The Maccabees-One Hand Holding [Wall Of Arms LP]
the gifted children-a forest [open windows EP]
Ono Palindromes-Solfuk [Kitty Magic EP]
The Torrent-Half A Man [Leonora Moreno LP]
The Pan I Am-Fire Dance [single]
Kap Bambino-Dead Lazers [Blacklist LP]
William-Youngun [Slightly Delighted LP]

This weeks show podcast is here

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