Playlist for Monday, May 30th 2011…the newest

Still working on getting the live gigs back for those that listen via the wireless, for those on the web you can catch the gigs here Hopefully not to much longer…

Let’s Wrestle-If I Keep On Loving You [Nursing Home LP]
Radical Dads-Hurricane [Mega Rama LP]
Lead Stones-Pope Joan [Set + Setting LP] free download
NODZZZ-True To Life [Innings LP]
Flash To Bang Time-Lead Balloon [Lead Balloon 7″]
Austra-Hate Crime [Feel It Break LP]
Throwing Up-Toothache [When I Touch You 7″]
Woods-To Have In the Home [Sun and Shade LP]
Sweater Girls-Pretty When You Smile [Pretty When You Smile 7″]
Eureka California-Baby, I’m Your Garbage Man [Modern Times 7″]
Bloody Knives-I want to be the one to blame [Disappear LP] free download
Boris-Spoon [Attention Please LP]
Seapony-Go Away [Go With Me LP]
Pure X-Back Where I Began [You’re In It Now LP]
Trudgers-Softly, Gracefully [Trudgers / Vehicle Blues Split cassette]
Cold Showers-I Don’t Mind [Highlands 7″]
Thee Cuss Words-King 90’s [Even The Devil Went Home And Barfed That Night. single] free download
Psychedelic horseshit-Another Side [Laced LP]
Moonbeams-The Daisy Chain [The Daisy Chain LP]
Art Imperial-The One You Chose [Surf Suburban EP] free download
Belong-A Walk [Common Era LP]
Oh Minnows-Another Volunteer [For Shadows LP]
Hammerhead-Memory Hole [Memory Hole EP]
Jesu-Black Lies [Ascension LP]
Capsula-What’s in the Mirror [In the Land of Silver Souls LP]
Honeydrum-Itchy Throats [Vacation cassette] free download
Low-Witches [C’mon LP]

This weeks podcast here

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